2010年6月24日 星期四

4minutes' 2nd Japanese single to be 'I My Me Mine'

4Minute will be releasing the 2nd Japanese single on 28th July. Now the song title is revealed, it will be a Japanese rendition of I My Me Mine.

New Single「I My Me Mine(Japanese Version)」
First Edition A (CD+DVD) UMCF-9541 ¥1,500 (tax in)
First Edition B (CD+DVD) UMCF-9542 ¥1,500 (tax in)
Normal Edtion (CD) UMCF-5062 ¥1,000 (tax in)

First Editions A and B will include live images of the Zepp Tokyo concert on 8th May in the special DVD as well as 1 member's solo shot trading card at random. Normal Edition will have a group shot trading card.

On a side note, Japanese fans are saying there is a high chance of I My Me Mine being the follow up song and the choreography should already be more or less done.