2010年6月22日 星期二

Gain plans to reveal her bare face when Jo Kwon can't 'run away'

Brown Eyed Girls (BEG) Gain revealed her conditions for revealing her make up-free face to her virtual husband 2AM Jo Kwon.

On the episode of MBC 'We Got Married Season 2' (aka WGM) aired the 19th, the 'Adam Couple' was shown briefly freeloading at 2AM's dormitory because their house contract had expired.

At the sudden news of the house contract being expired, Jo Kwon and Gain didn't know what to do. Gain, especially, kept repeating the foreboding words "Are we going to get divorced?". Also she lamented on their misfortune, "We don't have a house or anything, what's the point of having couple rings. We really became homeless people".

The two people, having moved urgently to 2AM's dorm, decided to just keep continuing their newly-wedded life there. A few days later, when Gain entered(?) 2AM's dorm, she couldn't hold back surprise at the newly-weds' things that Jo Kwon had brought.

Gain nagged Jo Kwon, saying, "You should've brought expensive things like electronics!". However, this was a reckless comment, not reading Jo Kwon's deep thoughts. In the box Jo Kwon had brought, there was the family motto, couple tee, photos and more- their memories during the 6 months they were together.

Also, Gain couldn't help but be flustered at the Jo Kwon who'd packed his number 1 treasure, 'Gain's Bare Face Revealing Contract'. She'd even suddenly tried to hide it by crumpling up the contract when he'd briefly left the room. However, Jo Kwon found it afterwards, brewing up conflict between them about the bare face revealing.

Through the interview, Gain newly announced, "I'll reveal my bare face when Jo Kwon can't run anywhere or divorce me, and when his condition is good".

On the other hand, this day's preview showed the first foreigner couple 2PM Nichkhun and f(x) Victoria's first meeting, increasing the viewer's curiosity.