2010年6月22日 星期二

Jo Kwon-Gain keep their cool faces on even when freeloading at 2AM's dorm!

Adam Couple Jo Kwon(2AM) and Gain(Brown Eyed Girls) stirred up laughter by portraying themselves very relaxed and shameless even when losing their house.

The episode of MBC TV 'We Got Married 2' aired the 19th showed Gain and Jo Kwon in the sticky situation of their house contract expiring.

Suddenly losing where they could go, they unpacked their luggage in the group Jo Kwon was in, 2AM's, dorm. When they had to stay in 2AM in-laws' house, Gain whined to Jo Kwon excessively, and complained about having to stay with the 2AM members.

Afterwards when 2AM's members came back, Gain showed a very kind composure to them to keep in their good will. They even wrote a contract to be allowed to freeload.

Even when they were in a disadvantaged position, they put up the family motto like decorating their own house, as well as decorating the bedroom, showing themselves shameless and relaxed which received laughter from the viewers. 2AM used their upper hand authority(?) when the two people were writing their contract, suggesting impossible conditions to them. Seulong and Jinwoon requested that Gain make food for them, and Gain walked surely to the kitchen.

Changmin got up to help Gain, and Gain showed a shamlessness unlike the one of a tenant by slipping out of the cooking situation.

However, their exercise of power was soon stopped, as the Adam Couple received an address for their new house. The two people surprised the 2AM members by packing their things right when they received the address of their new home.

On this day, Jo Kwon and Gain smiled widely as they moved into a better newly-weds' home than before, in contrast to their worries.