2010年6月23日 星期三

Orange Caramel, 「We are very thankful for Super Junior's parody photos」

After School unique group Orange Caramel responds to the parody photos that group Super Junior members did on their concept.

The group told MT StarNews in a recent interview, 「We saw the parody photos of 『Peanut Caramel』 on the internet recently. We had a good laugh on it.」

The parody photos released have also garnered great interests amongst netizens. The girls added, 「We are very thankful that our name was used to become a pretty hot issue. We will thank them personally when we get to meet them on broadcast shows.」

They also commented, 「The edied photos looked really real. When you see the photo from afar, you would think it was really our faces. We would like to thank Super Junior seonbaenim. We received much help with our name more known now.」

Meanwhile, Orange Caramel is promoting the title song 『Magic Girl』 off their 1st minialbum.