2010年6月19日 星期六

Amber suffers from sever ankle pain but continues performnaces

f(x) member Amber is currently suppering from sever ankle pain which hindered her to perform the dance choreography for f(x)'s performance in Music Core.

On the 19th, f(x) performed "NU ABO" where Amber was seen sitting down in chair and sang live while sitting down which brought curiosity from the fans as to why she was sitting down during the perf.

Amber is suffering from an ankle pain in her left ankle, and to not worsen the condition, she had to sit down during the performance. SM Entertainment said, "Amber is not injured, she just complained of a pain in her ankle and visited the hospital this morning", "There is nothing serious and it's just minor pain and in order to not worsen the pain she has to sit down".

Amber will be sitting down while singing this coming 20th in SBS Inkigayo.