2010年6月29日 星期二

T-ara's Jiyeon For July's InStyle Magazine Korea

After playing the role of a rebellious student in KBS2's 『God Of Study』, T-ara's Jiyeon has kept a steady interest in acting by following up the drama with the film, 『Death Bell 2』. T-ara's maknae shows the fashionista side to herself in July's issue for InStyle Magazine.

「As it is my birthday, I'm sad because I wanted to spend today with my family. Due to my busy schedule, I miss the simple pleasures of gossiping with my friends at school and just walking around the streets.」

It was after becoming a household name with T-ara as a successful idol group that Jiyeon began considering giving acting a chance as an 『acting-idol』. 「I actually prepared to act before debuting as a singer. I had fun filming my first drama, 『God of Study』, because it felt as if I was playing with my friends at school. Because of that, I was relieved of my nervousness and any burdens.」

「Because I'm still young, it's kind of difficult trying to portray a sexy image. During our performances, I just do as the older members tell me, and try to express a 『scary-yet-chic』 look with my eyes. However, I think the most important thing is confidence in myself. Just because you overly expose yourself doesn't make you sexy.」

Once again taking another acting challenge, Jiyeon will be playing a student part in 『Death Bell 2』, a separate story line from 『Death Bell』, in which students are made to compete to keep themselves alive. 「In films, the lines are long, and the fact that I have to put all of my emotions into every single scene was difficult. It was like I was testing my limit?」

「My final goal? Our group name is 『T-ara』. I want for us to be able to work hard as both actresses and singers, and eventually excell in that area to wear a crown.」

Playing the part of the silent and cold character, SaeHee, in 『Death Bell 2』; fans will see the transition from a bubbly character to a serious one. While she was warned to be cautious about picking out a complete different character, Jiyeon stated that she was looking forward to the challenge and showed off a bright smile.