2010年6月22日 星期二

f(x) to Hold 1st Large Scaled Fan Meeting

With the recent Nu ABO popularity, f(x) will be holding a fan event. f(x) will be meeting with 2,500 fans at their fan event on June 27th, in Seoul's Ax Korea. It is especially meaningful as it is f(x) 1st large scaled fan event since their debut in Korea.

f(x) is set to bring on a powerful stage with their debut song, LA chA TA and their current new song, Nu ABO. There will also be a segment in which fans will be able to ask f(x) questions that they are curious about and the girls will answer them.

Fans who wish to attend this fanmeeting will have to subscribe to StarCall and use the UFO town service by the 23rd of June.

Fans can also send their curious questions about f(x) to f(x)'s ufotown and the questions will be selected there. There will also be a segment whereby some of the fans who sent in their questions will be picked and presented gifts from the f(x) members themselves. (The gifts are personal items from the members)