2010年6月29日 星期二

Quadruple Idol Birthdays!

Today is a very special day! Four k-pop idols are celebrating their birthdays today, and they are none other than SNSD's SeoHyun, Dae Guk Nam Ah (DN-A)'s Mika and Karam, and C.N.Blue's MinHyuk!

First up we have our adorable maknae, SeoHyun! She is turning 19 this year (20 in Korean age). For her birthday, SeoHyun's fancafe, Cistus, posted a newspaper advertisement of SeoHyun smiling along with the message,

「You hold a place in our hearts with your beautiful smile. With that smile, you've given us joy. Through SNSD's SeoHyun, we are as joyful and happy as can be. We sincerely wish SeoHyun a happy 20th birthday.」

SM Entertainment revealed SeoHyun's graditude and added, 「SeoHyun was deeply moved by the unexpected surprise present. On this day (28th), SeoHyun finished her afternoon schedules and had a simple birthday party with SNSD members and fans at the Seoul Chungdamdong SM Entertainment office.」

Although our little sweet potato lover is growing one year older, she will always be our wonderful SNSD maknae!