2010年6月22日 星期二

4Minute's Mini Concert details

Everyone has been waiting for 4minute's Friend Day Concert, right?^^

We'll give you the details of the event~!

★ 4minute's Friend Day Concert~!

1. A hit-song parade by 4minute

2. Special individual stage of 4minute's members

3. A joint performance with 4minute (for the selected one, Best Friend through 4minute's Friend Day)

4. A performance by 4minute's special singer friend

5. A talk time with audience!

(We could change anything above.)

Everyone~ You really really~ looking forward to it, right?^^


Everyone knows that the application will close soon, right?

It will close on June 22nd!

To those who haven't applied yet, fast~!

Because you can send a few applications, please participate~^^