2010年6月23日 星期三

f(x) Victoria's time in Variety Shows

Girl group f(x)'s Victoria started joining variety programs in the later half of 2010. Joining the hot programs as a regular, Victoria is a new member of "Invincible youth" and part of a new couple with Nickhun on "We Got Married" .

Victoria, having only just joined, has already earned herself an "aegyo cutie" nickname which defines her character on the show. Victoria had shown her cute aegyo skills with "Oppa" & "Hi? I am PoRoRo" on f(x)'s latest appearance on the show 'Radio Star', which had made MC Kim Guk Jin and everyone who was at the recording laugh.

In the latest broadcast of "Invincible Youth" on the 18th, Victoria had dressed in traditional Chinese attire and demonstrated some of her talents. Victoria, who was born in China had difficulty with Korean but her fresh and honest mistakes were seen as a refreshing addition to the show. Also, Victoria who has specialized in dance since young in China, showed off her flexibility in the broadcast. Kim HoSang (김호상), the PD for "Invincible Youth", said that "Out of all the new members for Invincible Youth, Victoria seems to be the first who will rise in popularity."

Victoria, who will be leading an imaginary married life with Nickhun in "WGM" seemed to be bothered with many issues. Because this is a Nuna-Dongsaeng relationship, there are various good and bad comments from the netizens. It is being seen as "noise marketing" by many now.