2010年7月8日 星期四

What made Kahi cry?

After School's Nana and JungAh confessed of minor dissatisfaction of leader Kahi. However, upon hearing this, Kahi showed tears.

On the 7th, After School guest starred on the first part of MBC 『Goldfish』, 『Radio Star』.
Nana said, 「If we get the dance wrong, she'll make us do it until we get it right.」 JungAh added, 「At first, she tends to do that.」 At that moment, Kahi began to cry, shocking everyone in the studio.

Kahi then expressed the difficulties with her title as the eldest member by saying, 「I'm the type of person that gets angry up front, but turn around and cry. I cry easily.」

Along with the three After School members, Son Dambi, who is under the same management, also guest starred.

H.O.T's KangTa guest starred on the first part of 『Goldfish』, 『Knee-Drop Guru』, making it his first time on a variety show since he was discharged from the army. He talked about any stories from the creation of his group H.O.T until its end.