2010年7月4日 星期日

Raina, 「When I was first told about the concept of Orange Caramel, I was shocked」

After School talks about her initial thoughts on the concept of unique group Orange Caramel.

Raina was recently featured for an interview with T-News, 「At first when I heard about the concept of Orange Caramel, I was shocked. Honestly I was flustered and shocked. I didn't know that we will end up doing such a concept. It was not a style I like.」

She added, 「But still, with practice, I began to get excited and addicted to it. With time, I began to like it and enjoy doing it. It was fun to show others and have them shocked to know that After School can actually do such a concept. We will work hard.」

Orange Caramel is the first unique group from After School consisting of members Raina, Nana and Lizzy. Their hit song is 『Magic Girl』.