2010年7月6日 星期二

Yuri, Sooyoung, and SM Entertainment Support Celebrity Rights and Fair Contracts

SM Entertainment revealed today that they have become a leader in protecting celebrity rights.

What exactly does this mean to the entertainment business? According to the people who attended the meeting (which includes Grand National Party committee leader Jo Moonhwan, SME representative Kim Youngmin, and SNSD), their main mission has been to hold a 「proclamation to establish the development of celebrity contracts.」 The people met on July 6 to create such a proclamation, which would hold the purpose of promoting the creation of reasonable contracts between entertainers and management companies, protecting the rights of celebrities, and improving the overall state of the entertainment company. It took quite a bit of discussion before all parties present finally proclaimed that what they had accomplished was satisfying to their standards.

Jo Moonhwan summarized what he thought of the entire meeting, saying, 「Through a lot of interest and hard work, the entertainment industry's contracts are slowly changing and improving. Through this proclamation, I hope more celebrities can find their rights and that management companies and celebrities can build mutual respect [for each other.]」 He also expressed his hopes for further discussions regarding the improvement of future contract terms, which, if improved, will mean many changes to the social and economic states of South Korea as well.

Kim Youngmin, who also aspired to 「do our best to improve the culture industry, which causes Hanryu's expansion, and add national value to it,」 stated that the 「proclamation provides celebrities and their management companies with a win-win situation.」 If both Korea's cultural industry and the security of celebrity rights are secured with such a proclamation, it certainly will be win-win indeed!

SNSD members Sooyoung and Yuri attended the most recent proclamation, which was today, and said, 「SNSD is happy to be able to participate in this exemplary proclamation. We will do our best to spread Korea's pop culture worldwide and have it improve.」

Hopefully, with such beautiful young ladies witnessing the improvement of the state of Korea』s pop culture world, k-pop will both be improved and become more popular.