2010年7月4日 星期日

C.N Blue Lee JungShin's Favorite SNSD Member is?

C.N Blue member Lee JungShin revealed his favorite SNSD member.
On the recent broadcast of MBC's We Got Married, Lee JungShin visited the new home of Jung YongHwa and Seohyun couple. Lee JungShin was asked who his favorite SNSD member is and he said, 「Well on the radio, I said it was Yoona, but I think all members of SNSD have their own attractive charm」.

SNSD member Sooyoung responded back by saying, 「Just say you like Yoona」. Jung YongHwa then asked him what he thought about SNSD, and said, 「They're great」. The atmosphere became awkward, after his short answer. Lee JungShin said, 「After Jung Yonghwa got married, he became more sweeter and nice」.

As the day went on for the Jung Yonghwa and Seohyung couple, Seohyun hid in the trunk of C.N Blue's car and gave surprise visit to her husband.