2010年7月4日 星期日

4minute's Hyunah is a Trendsetter

Since their debut, 4Minute has been a 「Hot Issue」 and fierce rapper Hyunah is always being watched from 「Head To Toe」, especially after being a ex-Wonder Girl.

Many people have been captivated by her charisma, her style, as well as her dorky personality. With their current promotions for I My Me Mine, Hyunah decided to make a major 「 oh oh oh change」 to her hair colour for the first time since debut, and is now seen with blond hair.

The reaction from fans and netizens was like fire with constant comments complimenting her new style such as 「Her blond hair is mesmerizing,」 「It suits her,」 and, 「Anything she does is pretty,」

From wearing leggings with holes and tattoo on her abs, people who have worked with her have also stated that, 「Whatever Hyunah does will garner attention.」

Could this mean that Hyunah is becoming the latest fashion trendsetter? It's certain that fans will be hypnotized by her new hair for while and are anxious to see what type of transformation she makes next.

Until then you can watch their current promotions for I My Me Mine on this week's music shows!