2010年7月4日 星期日

f(x)'s Victoria Was In a CF With Rain?

f(x)'s Victoria and singer Rain has were in a Chinese CF together.
Before Victoria debuted, she was in a Chinese CF with the singer Rain for Samsung's Anycall phone commercial. She was the female leading role and these pictures captured were titled Victoria's Past Pictures.

In the full-length CF, Victoria and Rain are seen dancing throughout the commercial. In the commercial, Victoria offers a chance to Rain to enter into a dancing competition together, but Rain declines. But as soon as he sees Victoria practicing hard for the competition, Rain opens up and decides to help her. Victoria is the daughter of a rich family and her parents are against her dancing and kidnaps her during practice. Rain and Victoria use their phones to capture the video of themselves dancing and are able to successfully enter the competition.

On the other hand, a documentary of Victoria when she was attending a Chinese dance academy before her debut can be seen and is gaining a lot of attention from fans.
Victoria is currently on MBC's We Got Married with 2 P.M.'s Nichkhun and they are the first foreign couple to be on this show.