2010年4月26日 星期一

Secret Jeon Hyosung's Graduation Photo Revealed

Secret's leader, Jeon Hyosung once again accumulated attention from netizens when recently her graduation photo was seen floating around in the internet.

In her old days, Jeon Hyosung was a member of a disbanded girl group called Five Girls and was also already famous through 「Battle Shinhwa」. Her current group, Secret is now busy promoting for their latest single, Magic.

Nowadays, because of certain changes, some idols might be embarrassed if their graduation photos are exposed. However, Jeon Hyosung's graduation photo from Gujung Highschool has been an eye candy for the netizens. Her youth and innocence captured many hearts and compliments were showered by the netizens, such as, 「She hasn't changed a single bit」, 「She has a superior beauty」 and 「Like a high school, I can feel her purity」.

Being natural is indeed the ultimate beauty, isn't it? Meanwhile, Secret is currently busy for their comeback stage performances through M.Net 「MCountdown」 with their mesmerizing 「Magic」.