2010年4月30日 星期五

Piggy SooYoung

The tallest member of SNSD, SooYoung is now having worries about her belly fat.

On April 30th, during an interview of MBC 「Section TV,」 the members revealed the new nickname for SooYoung. When they were asked a question about their figures, the members said 「SooYoung gained the nickname 『Piggy Sooyoung』 recently.」

The cute SooYoung explained, 「I weighed myself after not doing so for a while, and I saw that I gained 3kg. It was the first time I weighed that much since I was born.」 She added on, 「I've gained belly fat. It's back from hibernating.」

In her profile, it is stated that her weight is 45 kg. With the new weight gain, she might have been around 49 kg. It seems fine for ordinary people like us but it is a big deal for celebrities since appearance is one of the most important assets. However, SooYoung seems pretty and cute as always, don't you agree? Let's hope she will not push herself too much for weight loss.