2010年4月28日 星期三

Ock JuHyun: 「SNSD Are Like Daughters To Me」


For certain, the girls of SNSD need some advice from their seniors – one of them would be ex-Fin.K.L member Ock JuHyun. Singer and musical actress Ock JuHyun made known in the music industry when she debuted in 1998 on Korea's sensational girl group Fin.K.L. She then went solo on 2003 and took a shot at musicals.

On the recent episode of KBS 2TV 『Yeo Yoo Man Man』, Ock JuHyun revealed her daily life and shared her thoughts on her relationship with the 9 girls. During the episode, the program took a tour on Ock JuHyun』s KBS 『Win Win』 recording in which she appeared as a special guest for SNSD.

「SNSD is a pretty picture that reminds me of the past.」 The 30 year old ex-Fin.K.L member said, 「The (SNSD) members are like daughters to me. Because they remind me of the past, they are loveable, and I feel like they are my babies when I look at them.」 Ock JuHyun added on, 「I wish I have daughters just like them,」 which brought laugher on the set.

Showing the closeness that they』ve got, SNSD members expressed their gratitude to JuHyun by sending a video message stating that she (Ock JuHyun) is like a real (blood-related) sister to them. Ock JuHyun usually takes care of them, and even buys food and cooks for them.

SNSD member Jessica stated that when idol life gets hard, she always ran to Ock JuHyun for an advice which also helps her a lot. In addition, Jessica, who recently debuted her musical career on 『Legally Blonde』 said, 「JuHyun unni helped me a lot with my attempt at a musical. I want to become a great musical actress just like her.

Well, don't you just adore them? The bond that they've got surely makes SNSD special, and Ock JuHyun to be proud of.

On the same episode, Ock JuHyun, who was recently cast in the musical 『Monte Cristo』, also reveals her success and failures as a musical actress.