2010年4月27日 星期二

T-ara's Jiyeon stars in a large opening scene for "Death Bell 2"!

T-ara's Jiyeon, Park Yoon Bin and Yoon Seung A unite for the opening scenes of 'Death Bell 2.'

For 'Death Bell 2,' the three youth head to The 18th National Games Sports Centre in a suburban area of Seoul to shoot a scene.

To film the opening scene of 'Death Bell 2,' the trio who are all actually different ages, play best friends, and film an important scene that shows off the relationship of the three at the National Games.

Major domestic and international matches were going on during the filming in the Sports Centre. Hundreds of people swimming played the role of a secondary cast and resembled a real look of a National Games.

'Death Bell 2' is expected to be released at the end of July.