2010年4月29日 星期四

Is Amber Male Or Female?

f(x)'s Amber has been in the spotlight yet again! This time, after their recent photo shoot for the apparel brand K-Swiss.

The rest of the members sported female clothing while Amber, with her androgynous looks, pulled off the masculine image with male clothing and a couple concept.

A spokesperson from the photo shoot stated, 「Amber with her androgynous appeal stood in front of the camera wearing men's clothing. With her natural expressions and gestures the shoot proceeded smoothly.」

Netizens are once again left wondering about Amber's sex, with comments such as, 「The more I look she looks like a pretty male「, 「I think she's a male「, and 「She's more like Amber oppa than Amber unnie」 comments which are not unheard of in the past, even before their official debut.

f(x) are set for their first mini album promotions starting May 4th.

Here is the K-Swiss photoshoot video, in case you've missed it.