2010年4月29日 星期四

2PM wants to become the next DBSK in Japan!

'We want to become the 2nd DBSK!'

Japanese music production companies have been eyeing group 2PM.

On the 22nd and 23rd, SONY, EMI, and Avex associates were present at the recordings for M Countdown and Music Bank. They observed 2PM's passionate comeback performance for 'Without U' and even attended Corby's Anycall Corby Family Festival on the 24th in order to watch 2PM's performance.

The Japanese music associates are pouring their interests into 2PM because of their 'beastly idol' nickname, showing off a strong and manly performance which they find highly charismatic. They have all stated, "There is no group that has this kind of style in Japan," meaning that 2PM has a high potential of success.

DBSK had earned great popularity in Japan but with their collapse, it seems as if these Japanese associates are looking to discover a new Korean star that will set in their footsteps.

2PM's agency, JYP Entertainment, has also notified the public that they will be preparing to enter the Japanese market. Fans have been showing high interest, wondering whether 2PM's Japanese attempt will have them come out as the '2nd DBSK.'