2010年7月1日 星期四

Narsha's Album Jacket Revealed

Brown Eyed Girls member Narsha's soon to be released solo album's unique jacket photo has been revealed.
With her mini album scheduled to release on the 8th, Narsha shows her good and evil sides through her album jacket photo.
This revealed jacket photo shows both a dream-like, yet surreal Narsha. It contains Narsha's powerful yet versatile image, going from an angel to a devil, and a saint to a witch.
A spokesperson revealed, 「We worked hard to create an upgraded image from where Brown Eyed Girls was at.」 The second jacket photo is set to be revealed on the 5th.
Meanwhile, the teaser for 『I'm in Love』 was revealed on the 30th, which garnered interest with it having two representative stars in the UCC world. 『I'm in Love』 is a remake of singer/songwriter Ra.D』s original song, that emphasizes Narsha』s emotional voice.
This teaser video had guitar prodigy Jung SungHa and pianist Shin JiHo, who is also known as the 『Nichkhun of Berklee』. Jung SungHa personally participated in the guitar session for this song.
『I'm in Love』 will be revealed on July 2nd, and Narsha's full mini album will be released both online and offline on the 8th.