2010年7月1日 星期四

After School's JungAh Feels Sorry For Uee?

After School's JungAh stated that she feels sorry for fellow member Uee.
JungAh appeared as a guest on the second part of MBC 『Goldfish』, 『Radio Star』, on the 30th.
In this episode, when asked, 「Have you ever been jealous of Uee?」 JungAh replied, 「Rather than jealousy, I feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for her because her schedule is so packed.」
Son Dambi, who is under the same management as her, also guest starred. JungAh's fellow members, Kahi and NaNa also guest starred in this episode. On the first part of 『Goldfish』, 『Knee-Drop Guru』, the queen of trot, Jang YoonJung, guest starred. Along with explaining the truth behind rumors, she also expressed her honest feelings about her break up with ex-boyfriend Noh HongChul.