2010年7月2日 星期五

Who is 4Minute HyunAh's Ideal Type?

Members of girl group 4Minute(Nam JiHyun, Huh GaYoon, Jeon JiYoon, Kim HyunAh, Kwon SoHyun) revealed their ideal types.

During the broadcast of SBS PowerFM 『Choi HwaJung Power Time』on June 29th, 4Minute chose their ideal types amongst many male celebrities.

HyunAh described her ideal type as a 『guy who is not very tall』, which created particular attention. HyunAh revealed, 「Although this might be a little strange, I like people who are short. It might be because my father is short, but I just like people who are short.」

And so, HyunAh revealed her ideal type as MBLAQ member Lee Joon. Her reasoning was because 「even though Lee Joon is not very short, his appearance on stage is very charismatic」.

4Minute's leader Nam JiHyun chose world star Rain as her ideal type saying, 「I've been keeping my eye on him ever since my debut, but what I really like about Rain is his hard-working image. I also like that he doesn』t have double eyelids.」

Jeon Jiyoon revealed that she liked 『bad guys』, choosing Kim NamGil as her ideal type. Huh GaYoon chose Gong Yoo, and youngest member SoHyun, basing her ideal type on the size of their hands, chose So JiSub and MBLAQ's Mir; whom she believed would have large sized hands.