2010年6月9日 星期三

T-Ara's HyoMin: From Singer to Stylist?

T-Ara's HyoMin transforms from singer to stylist for her fellow group member EunJung!
Also known as T-Ara's fashion icon, as well as for her eye-catching style, it seems member Hyomin is expressing her interest in fashion in more ways than one.
She has become an official head-to-toe stylist for her fellow member EunJung, who is currently starring in SBS' drama 『Coffee House』!
A representative from T-Ara's management company revealed information on this saying,「 From the 8th episode onward, HyoMin will be responsible for Ham EunJung』s head-to-toe fashion.」
HyoMin also took on the task of giving EunJung's character in 『Coffee House』, named Kang SeungYeon, a full make-over, and went so far as to hand pick all the clothes, shoes, and accessories.
Here are some pictures of HyoMin at work. Check it out:

According to the representative,「 After she started watching 『Coffee House』, HyoMin came and expressed her interest in styling EunJung. Also, this past holiday, she worked with EunJung from 3 p.m to 5 a.m, a total of 14 hours, and went to various places, shopping for hats, clothes, and even preparing shoes that would match with EunJung』s character.」
Meanwhile, other T-Ara members are busy with their own personal activities. While EunJung is busy with 『Coffee House』, Ji Yeon with 『Death Bell 2』, and HyoMin with preparations to star in a drama and other performing arts activities, it seems this girl group has their plate full.