2010年6月9日 星期三

HyunAh Sheds Tears At 4Minute's First Fanmeeting

At 4Minute's official fanmeeting at the Samsung Dong Culture Center, the girls took HyunAh by surprise after showing her a special video message.
June 6th was a very special day for 4Minute member, HyunAh. Besides holding the group's first fanmeeting, it was also her 19th birthday.
Unknown to HyunAh, the rest of the members had secretly filmed a special video for her. She was shocked when the girls got up and improvised a surprise birthday party.
After watching the video, HyunAh was left speechless and couldn't hold back her tears as she hugged the members. She said to them, 「Being here with you, it's a place where I can feel your love and strong friendship.」

A Cube Entertainment representative told the press: 「HyunAh was really surprised and impressed by the dedication of her members. She was touched to tears.」
After the fanmeeting was over, the five members immediately headed to practice, preparing for their upcoming performances of 『HUH』. With their future activities in Japan, the girls have a hectic schedule ahead of them.