2010年6月9日 星期三

f(x)'s Krystal Apologizes to SNSD's YoonA

f(x)'s Krystal, who is currently gaining momentum with f(x)'s newest hit NU ABO, has revealed an apology that she would like to say to her senior, SNSD's YoonA.

Krystal recently ventured on her first solo project by costarring with fellow singer Tei as lovers in Alex's music drama Melody (Moderato). However, it's since been revealed that Krystal was not the first pick for this project. SNSD's YoonA was originally assigned the role of the main heroine, but she ended up having to back out due to scheduling conflicts.

16-year-old Krystal was casted in the second round of casting due to her similarity to YoonA and the high school student vibe that she gave off. Though she obtained this position fair and square, Krystal still felt the need to apologize to YoonA for essentially 「taking」 her role.