2010年6月9日 星期三

Park Bom's 『Lettuce Diet』 Is A Success!

After images of 2NE1 were released of the 2009 Cyworld Digital Music Awards back in March, member Park Bom went under heat as netizens criticized her newly chubby physique.
Now, Park Bom is once again creating a strong reaction over her appearance, but this time it's a positive one.
「With that kind of body, how can she think about wearing that short mini one-piece dress.」 A netizen commented after seeing Bom's images. Because of 2NE1's break in activities, Bom was living at ease without a strict diet and exercise regimen.

Back in April, fellow member Sandara Park revealed that Bom was on a 『lettuce diet』 and agreed with her decision to diet, saying, 「I never knew a lettuce diet could have such good results!」