2010年6月9日 星期三

f(x): "Ideal types for singers of Nu ABO"

f(X), 「ideal types for the singers of 『Nu ABO』…"

With 'LA chA TA' from last year, the group f(x) brought a fresh feeling to the KPop scene. Now they are back in with 'NU ABO', generating a refreshing breeze. In addition of the eye catching performances, the lyrics of 'NU ABO' describes the sharp and unpredictable members of f(x).

Back with a new album, f(x) smiled thinking that despite the long hiatus the reaction from the fans was so great that it encouraged them to show new things.

The girls went under radical transformation for 『Nu ABO』. From colorful eye make-ups to unbalanced hair length, the girls show effort to display different styles for each stage. The song 『Nu ABO』 is a good example that portrays the identity of f(x). Always showing new and energetic appearances, f(x) is a promising group that holds possibility of huge growth.

# First meeting with 「Nu ABO」
The refreshing feeling the song, Nu A/BO, gives made me wonder about what the girls thought when they first heard the song.

Krystal thought, 「At first, what is this?」

At first, Victoria thought it was addicting after hearing the, 『Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah』 part. Then, after recording and learning the choreography, she had a sense that this should be the title song.

When I asked Victoria and Amber if they understood the lyric when they first heard the song, they replied that there is no big trouble because of their abundant practice and members』 help. Now that I look at it, the two members』 Korean improved tremendously.

f(x) has a considerable amount of attachment for this song. They explained, 「We can show our singing ability as well as strong performance. We feel like we each found our personal color through this song. They explained.

# Diverse personality same as their blood type
What are the blood types of the members expressing 『Nu ABO』? Luna and Krystal are blood type A. While Amber is type B and Victoria and Sulli are type O. They showed different personality and behavior when they were asked, 「Would you first confess you feelings to your crush?」

Luna and Krystal both answered that they are too shy to confess first. However, there is a different between the two. Luna said, 「If I really liked that person, I would write a letter or watch him for a long time. Also I would try to get close with him.」Whereas Krystal said, 「I'm a type that can't confess first. And if I lose him…I lose him…」
Victoria replied, 「I would be nice to that person and would like that person to confess first. But if that person doesn't confess, I think it'll be okay to stay like that.」 Sulli was also the style that wouldn't confess first but she would give efforts to make the guy like her.

Amber smiled, 「I will hesitate because of my image. I think the guy would be scared because of it.」

# Ideal Type

Their Ideal type is also different from each others. Krystal likes styles like talent Gong Yoo, Sulli likes styles like Hwang Jeong-min. Sulli wanted to try plays after watching Hwang Jeong-min. Amber likes humble guys, while Luna likes a pure guy that only likes her and is easy to connect with. Victoria likes kind and healthy image Song Seung-heon portrays in his movies and dramas.

# Rival?

I asked if they wanted to be a girl group like the Wonder Girls since they had similar comeback date.

f(x) responded, 「We respect the Wonder Girl seniors and we love their songs. But we have our own sets of goals so we are only focusing on that. We want to become a prominent pop dance group not just in Korea but in Asia and then the World.」

# Role Model

When f(x) was asked to pick a role model, they picked a group from the same company, Girl's Generation. 「Like our senior, Girl's Generation, we want a strong teamwork and always develop by working hard.」 But more than becoming like their role model, they emphasized, 「f(x) will only proceed with our true colors.」

# Health is Best

Despite working diligently during their last promotions, they expressed their regret of not promoting enough due to some members getting sick from the H1N1 flu. That's why they want to work even harder than before to make their presences known. Although they had remorse, they also learned a lot.

Members relayed, 「In the past, if I were sick I only thought 『oh I guess I'm sick』 but now I take extra care of my health. Even if I'm feeling little sick, I would take vitamins and wear thicker clothes so that I won't be sick.」

Looking at how precious their health is to them, in long-term, their concerns will benefit their energy.

# Happiness because

When asked if they had times when they regretted becoming singers, to this they confessed: instead of regrets, there are many times when it is very difficult. But the members share hardship among each other to give each other strength. They are happy of what they are doing so they are trying to enjoy themselves.

They also want to take their time with ambition of 1st place. 「It's great if we get 1st place but it's fine if we don't since we have a lot of time, our object is to show the public f(x)'s color.」 Smiled the girls

We look forward to watching the confident f(x) girls whom are firmly planning to show their colors. The confident 5 girls that has much to show brings great anticipation for tomorrow.