2010年6月9日 星期三

f(x) Krystal criticized again

Krystal from f(x) is under netizen's fire once again. Some netizens are claiming that Krystal showed 『poor broadcasting attitude』 again on the broadcasting of Dream Team 2.

Krystal was criticized for having 「impertinent」 behavior when she was shown seated with her legs crossed and not showing any interest when her seniors were talking during the broadcasting of MBC's Change the World Quiz. Shortly after, Krystal made an official apology through their official website.

After the heated debate, a point was raised that she showed 「bad attitude」again on KBS's 2TV Dream Team 2. During the broadcast, Krystal was receiving intensive training from Professor Yeo Hong Cheol to achieve a new record for high jumping.

During the exhausting training, a video footage of Krystal unconsciously putting her left hand in her pocket for few seconds was broadcasted. This clip has been edited is now spreading among various online sites with the title, 「Cocky Krystal 2」.

f(x) fans quickly rose to their feet, defending her by saying, 「This is an unreasonable accusation. Krystal's condition was poor due to her busy broadcasting schedule and continuous training; it is totally understandable to rest briefly.」 「It was for only 2 seconds!」 「It doesn't look like she is disrespecting the professor!」

Other (reasonable, not crazy) netizens frowned upon 「cocky Krystal 2」 by saying, 「It seems like they are accusing her with a malicious purpose.」 「This is too harsh.」 In addition to this, 「Putting your hands in your pocket is considered an involuntary action, what is wrong with that? Her attitude toward the professor was respectful.」 「They broadcasted Krystal training hard for the first 10 minutes, and all you guys can do is criticize her for one second scene?"

Meanwhile, during the broadcast Krystal kicked ass by jumping 1m95cm despite her poor conditions. After completing the jump, she cheerfully smiled.