2010年6月1日 星期二

Seulong and IU to Sing 『We Fell in Love 2』

Back in 2009, fans were hooked up to MBC's We Got Married Couple JoKwon and GaIn's duet of 『We Feel in Love』. Since then, the song was a big hit on various music charts and this time, a follow up track called 『We Fell in Love 2』 is currently in the works.

After the news of its production last week, netizens' curiosity strikes again! Speculations then began that it could be new couple YongHwa and SeoHyun to sing the duet this time around but hold on, rumor has it that 2AM balladeer SeulOng and IU will be singing 『We Fell in Love 2.』 So, which is which?

The follow up track, which is temporarily named as 『We Fell in Love 2』 is composed by Lee MinSoo and lyricist Kim ENa. Netizens who were curious about the song have been working all day to get a squeeze of it. Netizens have captured an image to a file registered in a Korean Music Copyright Group online stated that the upcoming track 『We Fell in Love 2』 is going to be called 『Nagging (Jahn So Ri)』 and will be sung by 2AM's SeulOng and IU.

Meanwhile, the production company puts an end to these rumors saying 「You will find out soon about the singers and the song name.」 On the other hand, 『We Fell in Love 2』 will be released this June.

The audio is out so it seems like the rumors are indeed true!

Listen to We Fell in Love 2!