2010年6月1日 星期二

Why did Incredible Youth choose Victoria, JooYeon and Kim Sori?

f(x)'s Victoria, After School's JooYeon and a new singer Kim SoRi will be filming Incredible Youth from June 2nd. They are filling in YuRi and Sunny of SNSD and HyunA of 4minute's spot. The staff of Incredible Youth choose these members after several auditions.

They choose Victoria of f(x) because mainly of her nationality. Since she is Chinese, the staff thought she would make interesting comments about the Korean countryside. She said she would work hard to take the places of Yuri and Sunny.

Joo Yeon of After School was chosen because she wanted to make a different image of herself, since she spends a lot of time with After School members, who are quite older than her. Staff of Incredible Youth thought that it would be nice to see a different image of her.

The most random choice was Kim Sori. She was chosen as a G7 because of her amazing B-boying skills. The episode with the newcomers will probably be aired around mid June.