2010年6月7日 星期一

Ga In's Make-Up Less Face Remains a Mystery…

Ga In's Make-Up Less Face Remains a Mystery…

It seems this female idol is vigilant on keeping her make-up less face hidden.

Just like she does in MBC's 『We Got Married,』 Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-In seems to be doing her best in keeping her make-up less face a mystery. Even while she recently starred on the same show with her hubby, 2AM's JoKwon, (SBS's 『Family Outing Season 2』) Ga-In chose to not reveal her face. Not even members of the staff were able to catch a glimpse of Ga-In with her face cleaned.

On June 4th, through a telephone call with Money Today Star News, 『Family Outing 2 』' PD Kwak Seung Young revealed,」 Just like she does in 『We Got Married』, in 『Family Outing 2』, Ga-In also did not want to reveal her make-up free face, so no one was able to see her without her make-up on.」

He also added that,」 This past May 31st, in place of 『1 Night 2 Days』, the staff/filming crew of 『Family Outing 2′ were getting ready to end filming. Ga-In was the last one to wash-up and wash her face. In the morning, she also woke up an hour early just to do her makeup so her make-up less face remained a mystery.」

The PD also commented on Ga-In's relationship with JoKwon, and revealed that although the two are taking part in a 『fake marriage』, and aren't really married, her and JoKwon's personality matched up well, and so they decided to cast her on the show as well.

Meanwhile, Ga-In is also currently, as mentioned before, participating in a 『fake marriage』 with JoKwon.

The next episode of 『Family Outing 2』 with Ga-In is set to braodcast next week on June 13th.