2010年6月7日 星期一

Which Girl Group is the Best at Baseball Pitching?

QBS, a station that broadcasts DMB pro baseball telecasts, recently revealed the results of their online poll asking viewers to vote for the girl group best suited for baseball pitching!

First place went to none other than SNSD, who won with an overwhelming 54% of the votes! The girls have showed off their pitching skills in many baseball games, so its no surprise that they snagged the top spot! QBS's organization manager, Lee HeeDae even said that 「in the recent Jamshil opening game, 1st place SNSD's TaeYeon, SeoHyun, and YoonA participated, receiving massive responses and left good impressions on DMB viewers.」

Second place went to Kara, who won 17% of the total votes!

And finally third place went to After School, who won 10% of the votes. Maybe the girls got their skills from member UEE's father, Kim SungGab, who is also the Nexen Heroes' pro baseball coach!