2010年6月4日 星期五

f(x)'s couple dance with Sampson

Sampson, a talented dancer, has come to Korea to promote 3D Street Dance that will be broadcast for the first time in Korea on the 16th. The winner of 2008 Britains Got Talent, Sampson, has specially attended SBS < Star King >. During the recording, he has a dance showdown with Korea Idol boy band. Sampson's magnificence dance has won over f(x)'s heart.

From the beginning of the stage, Sampson has proposed that he wanted to have a "Couple Dance" with f(x)'s Sulli. He bring along British man specific manner as well as shy smile and have a cute couple dance with Sulli. Meanwhile, the other members are getting jealous and proposed one by one that they want to have a couple dance with Sampson too. After that, all of them had performed different couple dance with Sampson that give out a different feeling especially Luna and Sampson's B-boy dance had attract much attention.

On the same time, Krystal with her extraordinary blushing face keep on avoiding eye contact with Sampson has lead to MC Kang Hodong questioning the audience " Is she having a feeling on Sampson ? " Krystal then revealed that she really like British man. In a flash, the whole studio is filled with " pink mood ", Sampson din't felt embarrassed at all and response with a smile. This episode of Star King will be broadcast on 5th of June.