2010年6月4日 星期五

『WGM』 producers explain the background of the Nichkhun-Victoria selection

MBC 『We Got Married』 (producer Jung Yoon Jung, 『WGM』) has a new virtual couple, 2PM's Nichkhun and f(x)'s Victoria, what is the reason that two foreigners from popular idol groups were selected?

Nichkhun and Victoria, who already filmed their first topic one day ago, had shown a pressure-free image on their first meeting, which met the expectations of the producers of 『WGM』 for the birth of the first global couple.

『Thai Prince』 Nichkhun had already been picked by the staff to be a possible member of 『WGM』. Nichkhun, who is getting support from his female fans, has a strong body and a cute smile and already has many articles written about this 『WGM』 commitment.

『WGM』 Jung Yoon Jung PD said 「We have considered Nichkhun for a long time, but the situation was that he could not commit because of his schedule… Lately his schedule has had openings, and it was realistically possible so it was decided for him to film」.

What is also attracting attention is his selected partner, Chinese f(x) member Victoria. Truthfully, Nichkhun's partner was hesitant to join because many female stars desire 『very pretty』 Nichkhun. The producers put in their effort to make Victoria Nichkhun's virtual wife until it was done.

An associate said 「When we first met Victoria, her Korean was still not that good, so it was questionable whether the broadcast would happen… When we recently met her again, her Korean was a lot more natural」. He added that Victoria's charms were also much more apparent.

The producers included Victoria and her good looks in their final decision, although Nichkhun and Victoria's opinions were also considered.

Nichkhun and Victoria's first meeting was shot in front of Hongik University one day ago, and interested people formed crowds like clouds around them. An associate that participated in the filming said, 「There has never been a more natural and casual looking couple on their first meeting until now… Nichkhun encouraged nervous Victoria.」

Currently airing on 『WGM』 are two couples, the 『Petite Couple』 2AM Jokwon and Brown Eyed Girls Gain, and the 『YongSeo Couple』 C.N.BLUE Yonghwa and SNSD Seohyun, and Nichkhun-Victoria will join them to make three couples.