2010年6月15日 星期二

WGM's Nichkhun & Victoria finish their first date as a mature couple

WGM's Nichkhun & Victoria finish their first date, "A mature idol couple"

MBC's variety program WGM's newest couple 2PM's Nichkhun and f(x)'s Victoria has been attracting much interest and attention.

Nichkhun and Victoria will be added into the show by the end of this month and has recently finished their first meeting at the 63 building and a date at Hongdae. With news of the new couple's whereabouts, fans have been wondering what kind of couple they will become.

WGM's producer met with JoyNews24 and stated, "Nichkhun and Victoria finished their first filming. They weren't nervous at all and showed a bold attitude."

Normally known as the gentlemanly and 'Angel Khun' style on broadcasts, Nichkhun and Victoria are planning to show a side of them that viewers previously weren't able to see.

The producer went on to state, "Nichkhun showed a very manly image, unlike his usual cute image. Victoria actually showed a stronger side to herself, clearly differentiating between what she liked and disliked. Viewers can anticipate a fresh new image."

"You'll have to wait and see but they have a mature side to them that are different from other idol couples. Nichkhun and Victoria both spent time overseas so they're very independent, strong, and mature. They seem older than their age and instead of as idols, they give off the feel of two adults."

"With the addition of this new couple, they were able to give a welcome change to WGM and viewers will be able to see a variety of different things through these three couples."