2010年6月15日 星期二

UEE's belly becomes the target of netizens sharp eyes

After School member UEE's "belly" gets the hot seat's for netizens criticisms.

On a recent cable program show, After School performed their latest hit "Bang!" this time with UEE present and netizens have been posting photo's of UEE on online community bulletin boards.

Netizens pointed out the significant weight gain of UEE that showed in her belly.

Although some commented she gained weight, netizens also voiced out on the contrary, "She wore unusually tight pants, it's more striking because of UEE's tight shorts", "She doesn't look chubby, she has a slim figure and even has a muscular look".

Meanwhile, UEE is busy with her drama "birdie buddy" and has been exercising more to fit her role as a golfer in the drama.