2010年6月15日 星期二

Orange Caramel to debut in Music Bank this 18th

After School first subgroup "Orange Caramel" will be having their much awaited debut this coming 18th of June.

After School's agency said on the 15th, "Nana, Raina and Lizzy are the three youngest members of After School and they represent the fresh, young and innocent image from the group. They are also a global unit since they will be targeting other asian countries as well, they will have their first debut stage on the 18th at Music Bank".

The official continued, "Sexy and intense are the image After School has been showing ever since their debut, Orange Caramel will be different as they will show a different charm, they are cute, fresh and young, their debut song 'Magical Girl' will be their title song from their first mini album".

Also, Orange Caramel's first mini album will be released on the 17th of June.