2010年6月15日 星期二

f(x)'s Krystal and Goo Hara Have the Prettiest Hair

Krystal of Asia's pop dance group, f(x), came first in the online poll of "Who is the one with the most beautiful hair?"

In this poll, votings took place on Box Music Box, starting on the 8th and ending on the 14th. Other popular female singers involved in this poll along with Krystal included Goo Hara (Kara), Seo In Young, IU, An Sohee (Wonder Girls), and Hwa Yo Bi. Coming first was Krystal, winning with 39% (869) of the 2248 total votes. 2nd was Goo Hara, with 824 votes, equivalent to 37%, the difference with Krystal's score being very small.

Many people have left comments saying "Hair quality wise, Krystal's hair quality is the best", "I hope I can have hair like Krystal's", "She doesn't only look pretty but her hair is also so beautiful, Krystal is the best", some of the many reasons why Krystal came first.