2010年6月17日 星期四

Nam JiHyun, "Struggling with name because of actress Nam JiHyun... I want to meet her"

A year after 4Minute's debut, they have landed successfully in the music industry, and because of this each member is aware of the situation. In Jeon JiYoon's situation, she puts pro-gamer Jeon JiYoon aside.

But leader Nam JiHyun has currenly given actress Nam JiHyun the 1st spot on internet rankings. It is hard to give this a meaning, when you search on yourself the feelings famous people get is different. Continuing, Nam JiHyun had an interview with CookieNews, "Because of this I have had regrets during debut if I should have a screen name," and during the filming of 'Queen SeonDuk', messages came. But they were about "The acting is so cool".

Nam JiHyun said that she wants to see actress Nam JiHyun in person. "After looking at it, we live in the same neighborhood in Incheon," and, "before I had an innocent image but now a sexy image so after the change I think it will appeal to the people strongly. My ranking could've changed 10 months ago," and laughed.

On the other hand 4Minute is promoting and selling their mini album "Hit Your Heart".