2010年6月17日 星期四

f(x)'s Victoria's distinct aegyo, "Hello? I am Pororo!"

Girl group f(x)'s knocked out gagman Kim Gook Jin with her adorable aegyo.

The past 16th broadcast MBC's 『Golden Fishery Radio Star,』 starred f(x), as they shared witty and interesting stories. Victoria's distinctive aegyo, especially, melted the hearts of many male fans watching.

That day, MC Yoon Jongshin said 「Victoria is rumored to have a lot of aegyo, so please show some of that aegyo to Kim Gook Jin」 to which Victoria immediately revealed a surprised expression while saying 「Oppa,」 which caused Kim Gook Jin's face to turn red.

Following, Kim Gook Jin said to the Chinese member, Victoria, 「You're really cute」 in her native language. Not quite understanding the situation, Victoria displayed nonsensical aegyo, saying 「Hello? I'm Pororo, and I want to fly across the sky,」 causing the MC's to erupt in laughter.

On the other hand, f(x)'s Sulli revealed a story about Super Junior's Kim Heechul as well, drawing attention.