2010年6月13日 星期日

4minute Hyunah, "Lost my voice from cheering... next time it is 4-0!

4minute's Hyunah revealed her comments on the world cup game.

On the 12th of June at 8:30pm, the first preliminary game for group B which was South Korea versus Greece opened. On this day, the South Korea team successfully gained victory against Greece with the score, 2-0.

After the game, Hyunah stated to T-News through a phone call, 「It is really a happy and exciting game.」 She added that she enjoyed the game even more because she had been running the 『Waving the Korean flag』 program. She said, 「I thought it would be good for them to score more goals, but the Korean player fought well. Watching today's game I think it might be possible for a 4-0 for the next game.」

In addition she said, 「After our schedule, 50 people, made up of our friends from the management and the Universal Music staffs watched the game together. After screaming like crazy from the moment we scored the first goal, my lost my voice. If there is something I regret about it, is that it would have been better if we watched with the BEAST oppas too, but they got had to watch in the car because of their schedules. Next time I wish that we can cheer together.」