2010年6月13日 星期日

2NE1 ''Please make it to the round of 16!''

2NE1 makes a supporting, celebratory performance at the Kang Choong gymnasium on the 12th and cheers for the victory of the Korean team for the match against Greece.

On this day, the Korean representative team won the match against Greece in South Africa, with Lee Jungsoo scoring one goal 6 minutes 14 seconds into the game and Park Jisung scoring 51 minutes and 38 seconds into the game, displaying the strength the received from all the cheers.

Several popular celebrities, including Crying Nut, 2NE1, DJ DOC, etc. participated in a celebratory concert to show their support, at SPC Group, a company that specializes in packaged goods, where in addition, the game was broadcasted.

Meanwhile, Paris Baguette, Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robbins donated bread, ice-cream, mineral water, etc. to this day's event, and along with face painting and tattooing, all sorts of tools were used to give their cheers more strength.