2010年6月8日 星期二

Why T-ara HyoMin volunteered to be the stylist for EunJung for 『Coffee House』

T-ara HyoMin is known to have become the stylist for fellow member EunJung for her acting activities.
It has been known that HyoMin, who has great interests in fashion, is in charge of the styling from the head to toes for T-ara EunJung for her drama appearance on SBS 『Coffee House』. Known to many fans, HyoMin has worked in the industry of online shopping mall when she was in high school. And amongst fans, HyoMin's nickname in T-ara is also 『T-ara fashion icon』.
HyoMin had proposed to help out with the styling for EunJung in her drama 『Coffee House』 and for many days consecutively she would work for 14 hours – waking up at 3am in the morning and working all the way till 5am, to go scout for fashion items like clothes, hats and shoes at shopping centres and markets. From the 8th episode of the drama, fans will get to see EunJung, who is styled by HyoMin.
There are also plans for HyoMin to make small drama appearances this summer.