2010年6月19日 星期六

Teary Hyomin Says 『Thank You』 to Sunny

Back in the days when KBS Invincible Youth first aired on October 23rd last year, T-ara's Hyomin was still a rookie in the showbiz world; she was always edited out during takes and became well-known for her nickname as the 『Folding Screen』 or 『Edited Girl.』 Her nickname was then changed into 『Subyeong』 (Sunny's folding screen) by sticking to SNSD's Sunny for more airtime and by this, Sunny and Hyomin became almost inseparable.

Last Wednesday – June 16th, the members of the popular variety show Invincible Youth held a press conference at Yuchiri. The mere thought of Sunny brought Hyomin to tears as she talked about their experiences on the show. When Hyomin was asked for her opinion about Sunny's departure, Hyomin boldly stated that she 「thinks it's time to use what Sunny has taught me before.」

Hyomin has told the press that she will teach the ways of the business to the show's newcomer, After School's Jooyeon – who was also present in the conference, alongside new members' Victoria and Sori. 「Jooyeon is similar to me. I actually said that I will teach her about the entertainment world, but it's too much burden to me. Now I know how Sunny felt about me.」

Hyomin continued, 「While filming, I called Sunny and told her things. I asked her, 『What should I do now?』 – she answered me without hesitation: 『Do it! Do well even without me』 and she even texted me.」

Comedian Kim ShinYoung also revealed that Sunny once told her that 「Hyomin is actually an introvert. She'll treat you differently if you're kind to her.」 Causing laughter on the set, a crying Hyomin jokingly replied that Sunny is 「not even my boyfriend…」 wherein Narsha was curious and asked, 「Both of them are not dating, or are they?」

Lastly, Hyomin expressed her gratefulness to Sunny by saying: 「I'm crying because I'm really thankful to Sunny. Now I will try to adapt and do well by myself.」 Awww, we hope nothing but good for her and the rest of the G7 members.

On the other hand, the first episode of Invincible Youth with its new members airs today at 11:05pm KST.