2010年6月17日 星期四

T-ara to make an even bigger success with Individual member activities

T-ara are having a flood of activity these days, after their album promotions, they will make their group shine even more by promoting "Together and Separately".

On the 18th, it was announced by T-ara's agency Core Content that member Hyomin has been casted in the upcoming SBS Drama "My Forbidden Girlfriend".

This will be Hyomin's acting debut and will be her first role in a drama in the small screen.

Team leader Eunjung is currently part of the SBS drama "Coffee House". Also, member JiYeon was part of the KBS drama "God Of Study" which aired last february and also part of a horror movie that will be part this summer, each members are taking on huge individual roles in the small screen.

T-ara are also working on OST's such as "Coffee over Milk" together with Seeya for the drama "Coffee House". T-ara are both busy promoting in the music industry and also busy making each member's shine with their acting commitments on the small screen.

T-ara had their first hit with "bo beep bo beep" followed by "I go crazy because of you" which dominated various music charts.

Their agency said that the other members will also be going to have their individual activities, their agency said, "With their individual promotions, they will make a more bigger synergy effect for the group as a whole, with such activities, T-ara will ultimately make their group's name larger and bigger".

In the future, member's will be taking on more singing and acting fields as well as trying out various other fields as well.