2010年6月3日 星期四

T-Ara To Be Incomplete in Japan

Girl group T-Ara recently announced their decision of launching promotions in Japan very soon! However, it seems only 5 of the 6 will be rocking those stages.
Singer turned actor, Eunjung, is currently starring in SBS's Coffee House portraying an adult woman, garnering much attention from viewers. As expected, she is very busy due to filming and cannot attend Japanese promotions with her fellow members. Eunjung recently updated her Cyworld with a note asking Japanese fans to support T-Ara. She also said, 「I have too many things to do…With all due respect I'm sorry I could not show. T-ara is always in my heart.」
Although fans are disappointed with her absence, hopefully they will oblige to Eunjung's wish of 「remembering T-Ara is six members.」 Good luck to Eunjung with her acting debut and her fellow members as they dominate the Japanese music scene!