2010年6月10日 星期四

T-ara Soyeon, "After my withdrawal from Girls' Generation, I experienced envy"

Soyeon of the girl group T-ara confesses she experienced envy to Girls' Generation before.

T-ara appeared on the June 10th episode of the tvN talk show, "Taxi". Soyeon was originally a part of Girls' Generation (SNSD) and revealed she felt envy watching them on stage.

Soyeon said, "During Girls' Generation debut they received a lot of cheers, I experienced a different attitude of envy towards their success. I hope I can receive success that quickly, I thought."

Recently, T-ara's 300 days after their debut appearance had happened and the member Eunjung became a part of the SBS drama "Coffee House" (why she was unable to show to the broadcast). Soyeon said, "Before I used to have a neat image like the recently short hair of Eunjung for Coffee House."

Hyomin and Jiyeon both mentioned that her image has changed a lot from pre-debut and looks the best now.